Cookies Policy

The Cookies Policy on the website 5G COMPAD indicates the purposes of using cookies, as well as the visitor’s right to change and choose the use of cookies based on his/her needs and interests.

5G COMPAD uses its own and third-party cookies in order to improve the website’s user experience,
ensure the website’s operation and functionality, etc.
In cases where the collected personal data is processed, 5G COMPAD takes the role of the controller.

What are cookies
Cookies are small text files that a web browser (such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer,
Firefox, Safari, etc.) creates and stores on the visitor’s device (computer, mobile phone or
tablet) when the visitor uses the website, in order to identify the browser or save information or
settings in the browser. Thus, with the help of cookies, the website acquires the ability to save
the individual settings of the visitor, recognize him/her and respond accordingly.
What cookies, on what legal basis, and for what purposes we use
Several types of cookies (persistent and session) are used. Depending on the functions to be
performed and the purpose of use, we use three types of cookies: necessary or mandatory
cookies, statistical or analytical cookies (for statistical purposes), and marketing (targeting)

In order to ensure the operation of the website, the necessary or mandatory cookies are placed
on a request basis to ensure uninterrupted access to the website.
The legal basis for the use of statistical or analytical and marketing cookies is the visitor’s
consent, which is given by ticking a consent box in the cookies notice in the corresponding
consent window.

With the use of cookies, the general habits of visitors and the history of using the website are
processed, as well as problems and possible shortcomings in the operation of the website are
identified, as well as statistical data on website visitor flow, the number of visitors, the time
spent on the website, etc. are collected. Also, cookies are used to make sure that the
functionality of the website is fully and conveniently used by the visitor.
Detailed information with a description of each cookie (including the involvement of third
parties), its duration and purpose are available in the information notice about the cookies used
on the website in the “Detailed information” section.

Necessary or mandatory cookies
These cookies are necessary for the visitor to freely use and browse the website and take
advantage of the opportunities it offers, incl. to obtain information about services and purchase
them, while for the 5G COMPAD – to fulfill requests initiated by the visitor, as well as for the website to
remember which cookies the visitor has accepted. These cookies identify the visitor’s device,
but do not directly identify the identity of the user of the device, nor do these cookies collect or
aggregate information. Without these cookies the website will not be able to fully function, e.g.,
to provide the visitor with the necessary information, provide the requested services in the e-
store or play the requested video. These cookies are stored on the visitor’s device until the
cookie has fulfilled its function, but no longer than two years. Necessary cookies are placed
automatically (by default).

Statistical or analytical cookies
These cookies (or cookies used for statistical purposes) collect information such as the time of
visit and the frequency with which the visitor uses the website, identify the most frequently used
sections, incl. the content that the visitor has chosen while browsing the website, etc. The
information is used for statistical purposes only in an aggregated and anonymous form, which helps to draw conclusions to determine what website visitors are interested in, how to improve
the functionality of the website and how to make it more convenient to use. These cookies only
identify the visitor’s device (such as the IP address of the device), but do not directly identify
the identity of the user of the device.
These cookies are stored on the visitor’s device for a maximum of two years and are not
required to reflect the content of the website, nor are they related to personalized marketing
The visitor’s consent is requested to activate these cookies on the device.

Detailed information about these cookies is available in the information notice about the cookies
used on the website in the “Detailed information” section.

Cookies may be managed by third parties, e.g. Google Analytics cookies created by Google
Inc., following our instructions and only for the specified purposes. Find out more about the
Google Analytics terms of use here:

Marketing cookies
These cookies (or targeting cookies) are used to customize advertising and notifications based
on the visitor’s interests, as well as to limit the visitor’s ability to see advertising and to measure
the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. As part of these cookies, data such as the IP of the
device, information about the visitor’s actions on the respective website, time spent, etc. can
be processed. Marketing cookies are stored independently on the visitor’s end device.
The visitor’s consent is requested to activate these cookies on the device.

Cookies are placed by third parties with the permission of 5G COMPAD according to the specified
However, detailed information about these cookies is available in the information notice about
the cookies used on the website in the “Detailed information” section.

Transfer of cookie information to third parties
Cookie information is not transferred for processing outside the European Union and European
Economic Area (EEA) countries, except in individual cases, taking appropriate measures to
ensure an adequate level of protection.

The Cookies Policy contains links to third-party websites that have their own terms of use and
personal data protection.

How long are cookies stored
Unless otherwise specified, cookies are stored for the duration of the activity for which they
were collected and are then deleted. The term of storage of cookies or their duration is specified
in detail in the description of each cookie, which is available in the information notice about the
cookies used on the website in the “Detailed information” section.
Storing, limiting and disabling cookies
When you visit the website, an information notice is displayed about the use of cookies on the
The visitor has the option to agree to the activation of all (statistical and marketing) cookies by
ticking “Accept all” in the cookie notification window. By ticking “Customize/Reject” the visitor
has the option to adjust his/her selection or reject the activation of cookies. By choosing “Accept
selected”, the website visitor agrees to his/her selection (statistical and/or marketing cookies).
By ticking “Accept all”, the website visitor agrees to the use of statistical and marketing cookies.
The website visitor has the option to reject the activation of optional cookies without inserting a

The visitor is not offered the opportunity to reject the necessary or mandatory cookies, because
without them the use of the website will be impaired or impossible. The consent of the website
visitor is not required for the activation of necessary or mandatory cookies.
The visitor can at any time change his/her selection, limit or cancel the use of cookies in the
footer of the website by activating the “Cookie settings” link.

By inserting or later removing a tick from a certain group of cookies, the visitor can maintain or
disable his/her consent to the use of certain types of cookies.
By pressing “Accept all”, “Customize/Reject” or “Accept selected”, the visitor confirms that
he/she has read the Cookies Policy, incl. information about cookies (how they are used,
purposes of use, involvement of third parties, etc.), as well as consent to specific settings for
the use of cookies.

We would like to inform you that the security settings of every web browser can limit, block and
delete cookies, for example, it is possible to mark “Never accept cookies” in the settings. The
visitor can also change the settings of his/her browser so that the stored cookies are deleted
each time the browser is closed. By disabling the collection of cookies in the browser, the visitor
can stop the acquisition and use of information. Changes to the settings must be made
individually for each browser.

5G COMPAD is constantly improving and developing its activities, as a result of which there may be a
need to review and supplement this Cookies Policy, and 5G COMPAD has the right to change it at any
time, therefore we invite visitors to read the current version of the Cookies Policy on a regular

Please be informed that 5G COMPAD can update the selection made by the website visitor regarding
the activated cookies once a year.

Contact information regarding the use of cookies
All information about the cookies used on 5G COMPAD websites and a detailed list of cookies is
available in the “Cookie settings” section of each respective website maintained by 5G COMPAD. More
information about 5G COMPAD’s personal data processing is available in 5G COMPAD’s Privacy Policy

If, however, the website visitor has any questions regarding the use of cookies, please
contact 5G COMPAD (e-mail )